It’s been more than 7 months since Israel’s most recent military assault on Gaza began, following the Hamas-led attack in Israel on October 7, in which 1139 people were killed and over 200 taken hostage. Since then, more than 35,000 Palestinians have been killed, including nearly 15,000 children. At least 19,000 children have been orphaned, and the entire population is experiencing or is at risk of famine. Israeli airstrikes have destroyed housing, hospitals, schools, universities, water and sanitation infrastructure, electrical plants, and businesses, reducing large parts of Gaza to rubble. All 2.3 million Gazans have been displaced, lost family members, friends, and livelihoods, enduring what the International Court of Justice is investigating as a plausible case of genocide.

For Gazans with disabilities, the circumstances could not be worse: the complete collapse of basic vital services, displacement, starvation, disease, and indiscriminate bombing have created a nightmare scenario in which their very survival is jeopardized. Israel’s restrictions on humanitarian aid exacerbate the challenges they face, limiting access to food, medicine, assistive devices and other vital supplies. While no official numbers are available, many children and adults with disabilities have been killed, including long-time disability rights defenders Bader Mosleh and Hashem Ghazal. Among those who survive this brutal military campaign, disability and trauma will be prevalent, and the need for services and support will be unprecedented in scale and reach.

The violence unfolding upon Palestinian people—primarily but not exclusively in Gaza—has spurred public outrage around the world. Across all continents, ordinary people, students, workers unions, human rights movements and even governments are mobilized to protest, demanding an immediate ceasefire and justice.

As a human rights movement, the disability rights community cannot remain silent. The unfolding tragedy calls for leadership, initiative, and action by all sectors of our community; from the grassroots to regional and international organizations, as well as those tasked with UN mandates to ensure that our rights are respected. Public statements are not enough.

For decades, we have fought to bring the rights of persons with disabilities into the fold of broader movements for human rights, building bridges and a common cause for social justice. Now is when that work really matters, when those most impacted by armed conflict, forced displacement, and war crimes need our collective action and solidarity to survive.

We must take lessons from students around the world, including those with disabilities, who are once again leading the way, expressing solidarity with direct action, demanding a ceasefire and an end to their institutions’ financial and academic ties with those responsible for the destruction of Gaza and the suffering of its people. Some disability activists are amplifying Palestinian social media messages by making them accessible for persons with disabilities, and fundraising to buy eSims for people in Gaza. These initiatives are examples to be highlighted and replicated across the disability rights movement.

With the Israeli army entering Rafah and further escalating the horror, we call on disability rights leaders, activists, experts, researchers, and all our institutions to actively join global efforts to end the war against the Palestinian people, by:

  • Demanding an immediate and permanent ceasefire and joining actions of solidarity with the people of Gaza.

  • Amplifying the voices of Palestinians with disabilities and their demands in human rights spaces and mechanisms.

  • Resourcing efforts to support people in Gaza, including those with disabilities.

  • Demanding accountability for war crimes and crimes against humanity, by documenting the situation of people with disabilities in Gaza and the West Bank, and supporting the work of the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court, and other multilateral bodies.

  • Supporting urgent and immediate disability-inclusive humanitarian action in Gaza.

Collectively, we have a duty to shed light on the plight of Palestinians with disabilities, and demand that those responsible for crimes against them are held accountable. The human toll and magnitude of the atrocities being committed in Gaza does not leave room for indifference.

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, our community mobilized to advocate for people with disabilities in Ukraine and demanded that those responsible for abuses be held accountable. Today, as Palestinians with disabilities struggle to survive this horrific military campaign, we expect the same commitment. Anything less is unacceptable.

Individual signatories:

A Smith

A’nya Wilkes

Abass Hameed

Abbie Nitchman

Abby Rhinehart

Abdelqader suleiman

Abdul Manaf TP

عبدالرحمن محمود خاجي موسسه الحياة لحقوق الأشخاص الصم - Abdul Rahman Mahmoud Khaji, Al-Hayat Foundation for the Rights of Deaf People

Abdul Sahib al-Mandalawi

Abena Konadu

Abeni Crooms

Abner Manlapaz

Aboo Androth

ابو بكر فاضل حسن - Abu Bakr Adel Hassan

Ace Tilton Ratcliff

Ad’mirel Durden

Adam K Manson

Adea Malsia

Adetoun Oderinde

Adewonuola Adesanya

Adison Hicks

Aditya Devavrat

Adrian Ballou

Adrian Carroll

Adrianna Pauls

Adrianne Jones

Agata Ostaszewska

Agnieszka Król

Agustina Palacios

Ahmad Allouzi

احمد اصم . تجمع المعوقين في العراق - Ahmed Asam

احمد حسون سهم تجمع المعوقين في العراق - Ahmed Hassoun, Disabled People's Association in Iraq

احمد خالد مؤسسة الحياة الاشخاص ذوي الاعاقة الصم - Ahmed Khaled (Al Hayat Found.)

Ahmed Musah

Ahmed Saad Faraj

Aiden Morrison

Aime Rivera

Aimee Chou

Aimi Hamraie

Áine Kelly-Costello

Aisha Elmeligi

Aisling Kiely

Aisling Kyne

Aisyah Ardani

AJ Link

Aja Samuel-Troy

Aja Scott

Akhil Paul

Akiko Akita

Akriti Mehta

Al Bero

Al Davis

Ala Mahdi

آلاء حسيب وهيب / تجمع ذوي الاعاقه في العراق - Alaa Haseeb Wahib, Association of People with Disabilities in Iraq

Alaina Pellar-Klooster

Alannah O’Neill Murray

Alberto Vásquez

Alejandro Bautista

Alejandra Monroy Revilla

Alessandra Aoife

Alessia Bolognesi

Alethea Bakogeorge

Alex Dolores Salerno

Alex Kimmell

Alex Manriquez

Alex Sprague

Alexandra Ashworth

Alexandra Nunes

Alexandra Tomlinson

Alexandre Molina

Alexcia Washington

Ali Abdulhussein Turky-The Iraqi Alliance of Disability

Ali Alkaorde

Ali Almarsoumi-The Iraqi Alliance of Disability

Ali Salem

Alia Rogers

Alice Pinder

Alice Sodi

Alice Wong

Alicia Jarvis

Alie Springgate

Alina Cabe

Alison O’Connell

Alison O’Connell

Alistair de Gaetano

Allie Cannington

Allison Goerke

Allison Goodwin

Allison Kotzig

Allison Shore

Alma Delia Cebedeo Sangula

Alyaa muslim

Alysha Connaughton

Alyssa Nagassar

آمال الشمري - Amal Al-Shammari

Amalia Gamio

Amanda Couch

Amañia Gamio

Amanie Issa

Amaranthe Zinzani

Amber Jackson

Amber Ovalle

Ameil Joseph

América Quistiano

Amie Kirby

Amika Tupcharoen

Amin Beg

Amin Inabi

Amir Hashemi Nik

Amirah Mokhlis

Amrita Dhar

Dr Amy Gaeta

Amy Gideon

Amy Henderson

Amy Karageorgos

Amya Rowe

Ana Campillos Sánchez-Camacho

Ana Nuñez Joyo

Ana Rita Matos

Ana Sophia Williams

Analia Matas

Anandi Wonder

Anat Greenstein

Anđela Radovanović

Anderson Straker

Andie Jones

Andor Urmos

Andre Daughtry

Andrea Brickey

Andrea Burga

Andrea Corredor

Andrea Fetchik

Andrea Parra

Andrea Shettle

Andreia de Carvalho Dickinson

Andrenna Aarons

Andres Bonomo

Andrew Pulrang

Andrius Verseckas

Andy Simon

Ang Kia Wei George

Angel Powell

Angela Caitens

Angela Kohama

Angela Locke-Reilly

Angelica Cruz Arce

Angelica Farci

Angelina Rosario

Anjaly Sheela Kumar

Anjesh Dahiya

Ann Marie Beals

Anna Horford-Game

Anna Ironside

Anna Landre

Anna Lawson

Anna McMahon

Anna Stefanic

Anna White

Anne Finger

Anne Trickey

Annika Mell

Anrai Devereaux

Anthony Chanza

Anya Olympia

Aoife Price

Aparna Nair

Aparna Raghu

Aparna Ramen

Apurva Nayak

Ares Holland-Seda

Ari Santana

Ariel Pearson

Arielle Sims

Arturo Campaña

Ascensión Martínez Pulido

اسيل منذر علوان - Aseel Munther Alwan

Ashaunte Gary

Asher King

Ashlee Fisher

Ashleigh Norwood

Asim Ali

Asma Bibi

Astrid Raeburn

Athina Forrow

Audre Wirtanan

Audrey McGinnis

Auromita Nagchaudhuri

Aurora B.

Avelino Andrade

Avery Daffer

Avery Hansen

Avery Horne

Ayelet Brandman

Azeidah Lahuree

Azisa Todd

ازهار علي طه عضو في تجمع المعوقين في العراق Azhar Ali Taha --- Disabled People’s Association in Iraq

Azza Altiraifi

B1a_Z3n Nightingale

Bahati Louis

Bailey Rose Boyle

Bárbara Bonvalot

Barbara Ventura

Basit Alli

Basuyau Laura

Béatrice Leclercq

Beatriz Carvallo Suárez

Beatriz Pérez Pérez

Beatriz Quintero González

Becca Thomas

Becca Weber

Belle Owen

Ben Block

Benedicta Oyedayo Oyewole

Benjamin Lawson-Duck

Benji Brubaker

Bette Foord

Betty Fermin

Bhavna Mehta

Bianca Caruana

Bijal Lal

Binte Yousuf

Dr. Birendra Raj Pokharel

Birna J Reinemann

Biss Soo

Blair Williams

Blue Guckert

Bob Ellard

Boleh Space

Bonnie Smith

Bonny Gray-Thompson

Brad Evoy

Brandie Mehlhorn

Brandon Fontenelle

Brandyn McLeod

Bree Gray

Bren LeFrançois

Briahna Farries

Brian Berlinski

Brianah Jones

Brianna Anderson

Brie Tinsley

Brighid Ó Dochartaigh

Brigitte Nelson

Briseida Vazquez

Britany Rickett

Brittany Shropshire, LCSW

Bronwyn Campbell

Brooke Daly

Brooke Dupre

Bryce Jefffrey

Bryce Pate

Bryttani Watts

Cadence Cable

Calanthe Milton

Callan McDonald

Camille Johnson

Camille Rodriguez

Camille Roux

Candice Gregory

Cara Cochrane

Cara Yar Khan

Caratteri Cubitali aps

Carin Mendoza

Carina Calisto

Carissa Cheow

Carla Fadlallah Bieto

Carol Tyson

Caroline Antler

Caroline Keeth

Caroline McDonagh-Darwin

Caroline Silva

Carrie Anna McGinn

Carrie McWhorter

Casey Doherty

Catarina Sousa

Catarina Vitorino

Catarine Rivera

Cate Denial

Catherine Hale

Catherine Morkel

Cátia Leal

Cato Lie

CeeJay Maxwell

Céile Varley

Celeste Leon

Celeste Veenstra

Celestine Fraser

Chak Eu June

Chanel Burdine-Cheffou

Chantel Wilson-Whittier

charbel zada

Charelle Abdallah

Charessa Sistek

Charis Hill

Charlene Eldon

Charlene Pascal

Charles Bickford

Charles Montoya

Charlie Blackwood

Charlotte Axelsson

Charlotte Featherstone

Charlotte Friend

Chelsea Keys

Chelsea Lloyd

Chelsea Spencer

Cheryl Benson

Chiara Montalti

Chloe Cottingham

Chloe Crawford

chloe leon

Chris Martin

Chris Xu

Chrissy Zimba

Christian Meyer

Christian Rubalcava

Christina Buck

Christina Davis

Christine Mitchell

Christo El Morr

Christopher Ikonomou

Christopher Michel

Chris-Tyler Young

Ciara Kristensen

Cindy Ansong

Cinova Brown

Claire Andrews

Claire Westwood

Clare Richards

Clarissa Mansfield

Claude Louis

Claudia Center

Claudia Coveney

Claudia Malacrida

Claudia Sanguinito

Claudia Sanna

Claudia van de Kerkhof

Clement Franzoso

Clementine Zill

Coco Rosenberg

Colin Calleja - Dean Faculty of Education - University of Malta

Colleen French

Colleen Roche

Conchita Hernandez Legorreta

Conor McCauley

Cooper Mertens

Cora Richard

Corin Parsons

Corina Weidinger

Courtney Felle

Cristian Ferrarini

Cristiana Leal

Cristiana Marques

Crystal T

Cynthia Lu

Cyra Marlowe

Czars Trin

D. Molina

Daiquan Duncan

Dallas Wilson

Dan Berman

Dan Jirschele

Dana Allen

Dana Crabtree

Danai Angeli

Dani Jordan

Danica Djordjevic

Daniel Becker

Daniel Cabral de Oliveira

Daniel Gajewski

Daniel Mont

Daniel Park

Danielle Demos

Danielle Dooley

Danielle Duncan

Danielle Honore

Danielle Moreno

Danielle Nkosi

Danneita Johnson

Dao Thu Huong

Darcy Trinco

Dariela Brignardello

Dativa Eyembe

David Muir

Dawn M Schelthelm

Dayna Reichert

Dean Strauss

Deborah J. Smoske

Deborah Lalush

Dedrick Epps

Dee Cisneros

Dee Princesa

Dee Wilde-Walker

Deepa Sonpal

Deepak Kumar Gupta

Deepti Karan Weiss

Demetria Bryant

Denielle Rose

Denise Hartley

Derval McDonagh

Desmond Universe

Devin Bailey

Devin Glim

Devin Malone

Devon Isakson-Bell

Dewah Gittens

Dey Persev

Diana Samarasan

Diana Santos

Diana Wells

Dianne Wimmenhove

Diogo Martins

Dom Kelly

Dominic Gotanco

Donnie TC Denome

Dove Calderwood

Dovile Juodkaite

Drew Bryan

Drue Nixon

Dwi Ariyani

Dylan Dailor

E.K. Hoffman

E.L. Tremblay

Ebony Bolden

Edd Mayo

Efrat Gold

Eilionoir Flynn

Eilish O’Shaughnessy

Eiríkur Smith

Eiryn Griest Schwartzman

Elaine Cagulada

Eleanor Bolton

Elena Fiorito

Elena Hansen

Elena Jurado

Eleonora Bruno

Elian Sorensen

Elise Williamson

Elizabeth Grummitt

Elizabeth Mc Guinness, M.A., M.Sc.

Elizabeth Rice

Elizabeth Tramonti

Ella Maines

Ella Wilkinson

Ellie Smith

Elliot Archer

Ellis Sardorian

Emalee Bonilla

Eman Rimawi-Doster

Ember Eldridge

Emer Begley

Emilie Anderson

Emily Beitiks

Emily Blanckenburg

Emily Bradley

Emily Cappy

Emily Fraser

emily hanhan

Emily Howard

Emily Jaimes Richey-Stavrand

Emily Ladau

Emily Moloney

Emily Pember

Emily Simmons

Emily Slater

Emily Whetsel

Emma Burns

Emma Calzavarini

Emma Parker

Emma Staples

Emmeline McManus

Emmett Patterson

Emmy Charissa Cincin

Enrique Ramirez

Eric Groot Kormelink

Erica Fine

Erica Lupinacci

Ericka María Álvarez Ramírez

Erika Tarawallie

Erin Ekins

Erin Glasco

Erin Masengale

Erin Sanders

Erin Schick

Erin Soros

Erykah Shepard

Eryn Star/Neuro Cosmos

Esme Farb

Esteban Baez Rodriguez

Eunice Pais

Eva Bevilacqua

Eva Dech

Eve Angel

Evelyn Martinez

Evvie Nanni

Ezekiel Boost

Ezra Burnett

Faati The Street

Fadiah J

Fafa Nutor

Fallon Binns

Farheen Malik

Farman Ali

Fatima Awil

فاطمة محمد - Fatima Mohammad

Fatima tu Zahra

Faris R.

Fayza J

Federico Isaza Piedrahita

Fernando Botelho

Fernando Pinho

Fezaan Karim

Fiachra O'Connor

Fiammetta Basuyau -Bruneau

Filipa Dias

Filipe Frazão

Filippo Sinicato

Fleachta Phelan

Florian Sanden

Frances Ryan

Francesca Di Giorgio

Francesca Riccio-Ackerman

Franchesca Thomas

Franklin Wagner

Freya Benson-Spong

Gaëlle Muderi

Gemma E. Mahadeo

Geo Levi Gluck

Geoff Broussard

George Horihan

Georgia Harper

Germán Parodi

Giampiero Griffo

Gilda Bianqueri

Gina Ortiz

Gina Schmitz

Giulia Barbareschi

Giulia Traversi

Glen Chisholm


Gordon Rattray

Grace Kufeldt

Grace Martin

Grace Moya

Grace Nichols

Grace Trumpower

Gracen Brilmyer

Graciela Elizabeth Bergallo

Graham Mead

Grayson Curry

Grayson Schultz

Gregg Beratan

Gregory Cramer

Gregory Peebles

Gretchen Seichrist

Grey Singer

Griffin Epstein

Guida Almeida

Hafsa Khan

Hailey Miller

هيفاء كفاح حسان مترجمه لغه الاشاره في تجمع المعوقين في العراق - Haifa Kifah Hassan, sign language translator at Disabled People’s Association in Iraq

Hal Strong

Halima Bilal

Hanna DelToro

Hannah Basso

Hannah Davis

Hannah Layden

Hannah Martin

Hannah Martin

Hannah Morphy-Walsh

Hannah Patterson

Hannah Woods

Hasanah Saliman

Hari Ziyad

Harley Maher

Hatiye Garip

Hau Tran

Hayley Newman

Hazar Chaouni

Hazar Chaouni

Heather Green

Heather Kerstetter, MSW

Heather Ringo

Heather Sroufe-Powers

Heba Shams

Helen Rottier

Hernán Bonomo

Holly Fogleboch

Holly Olivarez

Houa Moua

Dr Huhana Hickey MNZM

Ian Molton

Ian Porter

Ian Smith

Ianthe MB Dempsey

Mr. Ibrahim Abdallah

Idil Djafer

Ignacio Campoy Cervera

Ikumi Chigusa

Iman Mohammed

Imani Barbarin

Imani Black

Indigo Ayling

Ines Bulic Cojocariu

Inés Prieto

Inge Volleberg

Irena de Somer

Irene Salazar Carvajal

Iris K. Foxx

Isaac Munn

Isabeau Mandelkow

Isabel Guevara

Isha Kakar

Isis Lewis

Isobel Davies

Itab shuayb

Itzel Romero

Iván Maceda Mejías

Ivie Osaghae

Izabella Peña

J Alroy

J Jones

Jacob Callus

Jade Baucom

Jaimie Williams

Jalissa Redwood

James Cawley

James Gentry

Jamie McCormack

Jamie Moeller

Jamiere Trifilio

Jamila Dawson

Jana Kirkman

Jana Mallat

Jane Madden

Jane Nunn

Janette Kirchner

Janina Arsenjeva

Japneet Dhillon

Jaron Espinoza

Jasmin Taylor

Jasmine May

Jasmine Shaffer

Jasmine Simmons

Jasmine Sims

Javed Ahmad Tak

Javed Ahmad Tak

Jax Davis

Jay Botsford, MPH

Jay Rochon

Jayah Lee

Jaye Feder

Jaylynn Tomko

Jean Duclona

Jeanette Culver

Jeff Napolitano

Jen Schlicht

Jenna Abell

Jenni Schofield

Jennifer Brough

Jennifer Carr

Jennifer Duffell-Hoffman

Jennifer Gray

Jennifer Huff

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Jerome Palliser

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Jesedna Rosa

Jesiah Perez

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Jess Kelly

Jesse Rice-Evans

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Jessica Blackwell

Jessica Chung

Jessica Kirtz

Jessica Lamb

Jessica Marron

Jessica Walton

Jessica Wells

Jheanelle Anderson

Jihan Abbas

Jill Poisson

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Jiri Kaiser

Jo Haas

Jo Hunter

Jo Romero

Joan McDonald

Joana Simoes

Joanna McKinnon

Joanne Cook

João Rodrigues

Joaquim Coelho

Joceline Valle Vásquez

Jocelyn Mondragon

John Anyasor

John Dwyer

John Poulos

John Sena

Jolie Amaya

Jonah Linhares

Jonas Bull

Jopie Louwe Kooijmans (NeuroElfje)

Jopie Louwe Kooijmans (NeuroElfje)

Jordan Fessler

Jordan Jackson

Jordan Williams

Jorge Daneri

Jorge Falcato

Jorn van der Veen

Jose Diaz

José Henrique Rocha

Jose Miguel Esteban

Josep Maria Solé

Josephine Luwunzu

Joules Huang Duze

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Juan Duenas

Juan Ignacio Perez Bello

Juan Sebastián Jaime Pardo

Judit Villena Rodó

Jules Good

Julia Charles

Julia Havard

Julia Huisman

Julia LaFond

Julia Modern

Julia Rowe

Julian N Paton

Julie Watson

Julizabeth Gonzalez

Jun Ishikawa

Jussi Khabuul

Justice Shorter

Justin Hodges

Kacey Clark

Kade Friedman

Kadima E. Nsendula

Kaitlen McElroy

Kaitlyn Gatti

Kalyn Heffernan

Kami Spangler

Kamil Al-Farwachi

Kamran Rafique

Kandi Vale

Kanoelani A Patterson

Kara M. Mannor

Karan Ranbir Sawhny

Kariem Ibrahim

Karin Korb

Karl Leonard

Karli Drew

Karly Ross

Kasha R Saine

Kate Hughes

Kate McWilliams

Kate O'Brien

Katharina Marcoe

Katharine Schulman

Katherine Bolton

Katherine Eason

Katherine Rose Wolf

Kathleen Foran-McHale

Katia Grace

Katie Murphy

Katie Proctor

Katie Wittenberg

Katrin Boniface

Kave Noori

Dr. Kay Coghill

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Kelsey Schoenemann

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Keren Yohannes

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Kevin Carlson

Kevin Deegan North Staffordshire DPAC

Kevin Gotkin

Kevin Sellers

KeyShawn Housey

Khadija Hossain

Khairani Barokka

Khushi Kaushik

Kiana McCormick

Kimberly Baker

Kimberly Parreira

Kimberly Stevenson

Kimberly Wulf

Kings Floyd


Kirstin Ringelberg

Kristine C. Meneses

Kiyun Kim

Kris Jayme Matas

Kris Owens

Kristen Otenti

Kristi McGarity

Kristie Cabera

Kristin Koga

Kristina Janackova

Kristine Hervey

Kyla James

Kyle Lewis Jordan

Kyndal Fletcher


Laetitia Rebord

Lalaina Flores

Lalo Caldera aka Leona Love

Lan Xiao

Langley Bradley

لمياء سبع خميس القيسي عضو مجلس ادارة تجمع المعوقين بالعراق - Lamia Saba Khamis Al-Qaisi, member of the Board of Directors of the Disabled People’s Association in Iraq

Lasair ni Chochlain

Laura Beston

Laura Hamilton

Laura Rivera Martínez

Laura Sanmiquel Molinero

Laura van Loo

Laurel Lynn Leake

Lauren Avery

Lauren Benjamin

Lauren Goedde

Lauren Worsh

Lawrence Mute

Lawrence Robinson

Lea Labaki

Léa Urzel

Leah Bry

Leah Ida Harris

Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

Leah MacDonald

Leander H. Blackwood

Leandro Moronta

Leesann Sutherland

Leo Castaneda-Pineda

Leslie Foltz-Morrison

Leslie Templeton

Leslie Thielen-Wilson

Leslyn Stobbs

Lex Oiler

Lidia Best

Lígia Correia

Liisa Halonen

Lila Zucker

Lily Wasserman

Lina Lozano-Ruiz

Linda Bos

Linda Burnip

Linda Steele

Lindsay Baran

Lindsey Esplin

Lisa Dupree

Lisa Egan

Lisa Geiszler

Lisa Hinderks

Lisa Jansen

Lisa McCorkell

Lisa Waddington

Liz Boisjolie Hiltner

Liz Tolleson

Liz Zaborsky

Lizz Ledward

Lizzy van Sterkenburg

Lola Germs

Loredana Dicsi

Lorissa Sengara

Lorna McKay, Disability Advocate

Louisa Stone

Louise Bonneau

Ls Lys

Luar Furness

Luc Ta 

Lucy Tonge

Lucy Trieshmann

Lucy Webster

Lune Loh

Luis Fernando Astorga Gatjens

Luis Robertson

Luisa Bosisio Fazzi

Lukas Dornieden

Luke Cain

Luma Garbin

Lusangelis Ramos

Lydia Vlagsma

Lydia X. Z. Brown

Lynsey Hamilton

M Kosugi

M Hayashi

M Lopez

Maartje Reggin

Madalena Rocha

Maddie Kirkwood

Maddy Ruvolo

Madeleine Grigg

Madeline Crowley

Madeline Morcelle

Madeline Ryan Smith

Madison Ellison

Madison Rubia

Mafalda Pereira

Magdalena Verseckas

Maggie Beneke

Maggie Mills

Maggie Scotece

Maha Khalil

Mahnoor Yar khan

Maia Black

Maille Daley

MaKaela Longmire

Malavika rajkotia

Maleeha Mubashiruddin

Malek Abisaab

Malini Kanth

Manal Abaza

Mandy Boisvert

Mara Schechter

Marcela Azuela

Marcia Yale

Marco Antonio Garcilazo Murillo

Marco Minniti

Margaret Donahue

Margolit Sands

Maria Berghs

Maria Bleck Holroyd Soares

María Gabriela González

María Graciela Iglesias

Maria Kett

Maria Laura Serra

Maria Luisa Toro Hernandez

Maria Moreno Descloitres

Maria Ni Fhlatharta

María Paz Martínez Rubio

Maria Shepherd

Maria Teresa Fernandez

Marianna Baldassarre

Marianna Malave

Marie Follayttar

Marie R. Manalili

Marilyn Luna-Ramirez

Marilyn Madrid

Marina K. Salman

Marina Toth

Marine Uldry

Mario Mendoza Loyola

Mario Siedr

Marion Jansie

Marisa Kierra

Marissa Ditkowsky

Mark Glossop

Markaya Henderson

Marly gross

Marsha Cutting

Marta Gomes

Marta Lima

Marta Sandoval

Martha Guiliano

Martha Lopez

Martin Altersitz

Martin Okiyo

Marvin Visonà

Mary Bridges

Mary Frances Layden

Mary Wong

Maryam Awaisu

مريم مشرق طالب / تجمع المعوقين في العراق - Maryam Mashreq Talib - Disabled people of Iraq

Massiel Tarango

Mathieu Leger

Matthew Brown

Matthew Cook

Matthew Cortland

Matthew Peyton

Matthew Schmitz

Maud Wilms

Max Barnard

Max Symonds

Maya García

Maya Goldman

Maya Kirby

Maya Lindemann

Maya Wilson

Meera Ghani

Megan Bonnie-Murray

Megan Maverick

Mei Eyre

Mel Ball

Mel Bieler

Melike Ergün

Melinda Wedde

Melissa Freitas

Melissa Otterbein

Melissa Pinsly

Melissa Welch

Melissa Wells

Menko Dijksterhuis

Merlin Kelly

Merry Barua

Merry Cross

Mher Hakobyan

Mia Ives-Rublee

Michael Kabar

Michele Friedner

Michele Mashburn

Michele Stein

Michelle Hester

Michelle Kweder

Michelle Lyons-Doyle

Michelle Mc Abee

Michelle Uzeta

Mikaela Flesher

Mikaela Pratt

Mike Sarzo

Milton Reynolds

Mim Noah

Mira Zelkowitz

Miriam Arenas

Mirriam Nthenge

Míša Urbanova

Mitsuru Sugisaki

Moaffak Alkhafaji (AOPD)

Mohamad Bsat-Lawyer

Mohamad Sawan

Mohammad Nazz

Mohammed AlFar

Mohammed al-Tarawneh

Mohammed el Ghayam

Mohammed Sajeed. S

Amb.Dr. Mohammed Salah Hefni

Mohammed Takleef

Moises Lopez

Mónica Cortés

Mordecai Cohen Ettinger

Morgan Carolin

Morgan Godin

Moussa Charafeddine

Muhammad Mustjaab

محمد الفريجي - Muhammad Al-Fariji

محمد حمزه العجيلي - Muhammad Hamza Al Ajili

Muhammad Noor Alfian Bin Jumari 

محمد تكليف الخالدي /العراق - Muhammad Talif al-Khalidi

Mujna Anatlus

Munzar Sharif

Muralidharan Vishwanath

Muralidharan VISHWANATH

Mushegh Hovsepyan

مصطفى ميران انور - Mustafa Miran Anwar

Mx Papaya

Myah H

Myrdin Mogan

Myrdin Mogan

Myrthe Regtop

Nadia Almeida

Nadia Hadad

Nadia Henry

Nadja Jonsson

Nahida El Assi

Naila Dewji - SMILE Canada

Naila Farouky

Naimo Maria

Naomi Grant

Naomi Thornton

Nat Wood

Natalia Farias

Natalia Jade

Natalie Clements

Natalia Moreno Rodríguez

Natalie (AJ) Omundson

Natalie Mason

Natalie Merrida 

Natalie Roberts

Natalie Vélez

Natasha White

Nathan Burns

Nathan Goodman

Nathaniel Kato

Natia Brown

Neal Carter

Nelly Bassily

Nelly Bassily

Ngozi Alston

Niamh Ní Hoireabhaird

Nic Lane

Nichole Price

Nick Godwin

Nick Osborn

Nicki Myers

Nicola Monahan

Nicole Fischer

Nicole Glidden

Nicole Lee Schroeder

Nicole Pamukcu

Nicole Thomte MS LMFT

Niki Appiah

Niles Gilmore

Nina Erwin

Nina Potischman

Nina Stoller

Noah Cheng

Noah Foster

Noah Marohn

Nora Wyrtzen

Nujeen Mustafa

Null G*

Nur Sabrina

Nurul Afiqah

Nya Fredrichberg

oksana rico

Oliver Page

Olivia Murray

Olivia Spring

Olivia Weiss

Omar Al-Attas

Omar Rashid

Opal Cheatham

اسامة ابوصفر رئيس جمعية الحياة المستقلة للاشخاص ذوي الاعاقة Osama Abu Safar, President of the Independent Life Association for People with Disabilities

Padam Raj Joshi

Palmer Stowe

Pam Reano

Pamela Morales

Pamela Smith

Paris Jefferson

Paris Thomas

Paris Wong

Pascale Ribes

Pasqualina Auriemma

Pat Clarke

Patricia Ruiz Moreno

Patrizia Cegna

Patty Douglas

Paul Arenson

Paula Daniela De Castro Abreu

Pauline Vetuna

Payal Patel

Pedro Monteiro

Pedro Ponce

Penelope Friday

Perry Manzo

Petra Burke

Peyton Honnen

Phillip Collins

Phillipa Tucker

Piers Gooding

Pippa Stacey

Pk Kulasegram

Pluto Rucker

Polly Atkin

Polly Meeks

Pratima Gurung

Qaisera Alexis

Qi Yeo

R Mahtani

R. Rodgers

Rabbi Elliot Kukla

Rachael Thomas

Rachael Malott

Rachel da Silveira Gorman

Rachel Eager

Rachel Garcia

Rachel Hunter

Rachel Leeds

Rachel Litchman

Radoš Keravica

Rae Colyer

Rae Emberley

Rae Jones

Rae Kurland

Rae lortie

Rahat Nafisah

Rajendra Kumar

Rania Al Miari

Ranjit Bhatti

Raquel Tavares Lebre

Raquel Tavares Lebre

Rashel Bernal

Raúl Mercer

Raul Montoya Santamaria

Raven Chambers

Raven Lykos

Rayna Rusenko, PhD

Rayne Depukat

Rayne M. Coughlin

Rebecca Carter

Rebecca Harris

Rebecca Hayes

Rebecca Howell

Rebecca Jiggens

Rebecca Parks

Rebekah Grace Potts

Reid Caplan

Renedo Linda

Rex Long

Rey Gatsby

Reyna Crow

Rhi Belle

Rían Connor Smoak

Richard Gallo

Ricki Hall

Rikki Baker Keusch

Rin Desikan

Risna Utami

Rita Crespo Fernandez

Rita Maria de Assunção Serra

Robert Chalmers

Robert Chapman

Robert Gould

Roberta Fortunali

Roberta Lulli

Robin Gow

Robin van Mook

Rochell Luciano

Rodrigo Cote

Roland Acquah-Steven

Roman Warlick

Rona Topaz

Ronald Whetstone

Rory Hart

Rosa María Pimentel Cortez

Rosemary McDonnell-Horita

Rose Marie Zeynoun

Ross Hastie


Roxanne Zech

Rua M. Williams

Ruby Novello

Ruby Thomas

Rucha Chitnis

Ruth Haviva

Rwan Muzamil

Ryan Deitsch

Ryan Miller

Ryan Mouche

S Gjodede

Sabeeha Majid

Sabreen Nafsu

Sabrina Epstein

Sabrina Pecora

Sachin Pavithran

Sade A Smith

Sade Musa

Sage Iachenet

Sage Partoza

Sal Gabrieli

Sally Chivers

Sally Wiedenbeck

Salome Chasnoff

Sam Loh

Sam Rothenbaum

Sam Warren

Samaneh Shabani

Samantha Caveny

Samantha Renke

Samira Jamal-Eddine


Samuel Forsyth

Samuel Kim

Samwise Gamegee

Sandra Gordon

Sandra Milena Velasco Cifuentes

Sandra Unbehaum

Sandra Wyman Leeds DPAC

Santiago Orosco

Sar Starr

Sara Rocha

Sara Westrop

Sarah Alexander

Sarah Baker

Sarah Baker

Sarah Bell

Sarah Benson

Sarah Blahovec

Sarah Boon

Sarah Brophy

Sarah Clemens

Sarah Edmondson

Sarah Ellis

Sarah Flores

Sarah Hamza

Sarah Handley

Sarah Kopan

Sarah Mckinney

Sarah Paige

Sarah Rachel Evins

Sascha Miel

Sasha Carter

Sasha Weiss

Satwant Khangura

Savannah Elmore

Savannah R.

Sayam Kosar


Scott Neilson

Scout Barbour-Evans

Sean Kelly

Sean Rowe

Secil Sensing

Seda Guektasch

Seema Baquer

Sejal Babaria

Selah N

Sena Boles

Serena Barton

Serena Tsang

Sergio Meresman

Shae Williams

Shalin Berman

شيماء خالد طالب موسسه الحياة لحقوق الاشخاص الصم - Shaima Khaled Talib (Al Ayat Found)

Shams Ahmed Ghani

Shane Daley

Shani Dhanda

Shanna Houser

Shannon Stubblefield

شذى الطائي العراق - Shata al-Thaye, Iraq

Shawn Welker

Shay Erlich

Shaylin Sluzalis

Sheena-kay Graham

Sheila Sine

Sherry Adesina

Shourya Mohaniya

Shuaib Chalklen

Dr. Shubhangi Karmakar

Sian Thompson

Sidney Evans

Sidney Evans

Sierra Simpson

Sierra Teate

Sigurður Páll Guðbjartsson

Silvia Chieregato

Silvia Motta

Silvia Quan

Silvina Ribotta

Simone Eboki

Simone Wiatrak

Simone Williams

Sioux Blair-Jordan

Siri McGuire

Siti Safura binti Jaapar

Sky Cubacub

Sofia Charakleia

Sofia Moura

Sofia Webster

Sofie Benson

Sónia Sapinho

Sonia Williams

Sonja Thompson


Sophia Beresford

Sophia Najjar

Sophie Lyons

Sophie Morgan

Sophie Poost

Souhair D.

Srinidhi Raghavan

Stasi Monroe

Stefanie Lyn Kaufman Mthimkhulu

stephan wiese

Stephanie Jackson

Stephanie Melvin

Stephanie Sendaula

Stephen Henderson

Steven Allen

Stig Langvad

Stoph Kasak

Subhajit Saha

Sukaina Dada

Sumaira Khan

Sunaura Taylor

Susan Ferguson

Suzanne Bollen

Suzanne Doyle Guilloud

Suzanne Hartwick

Svea Kučinić

Sydney Mizelle

Syed Hussain s m

Sylvia Brandão Ramalho de Brito

Taimur Khan

Talila A. Lewis

Tamara Arntzen

Tamit Weldeyesus

Tania Lizarazo

TaNisha Johnson

Tanya Titchkosky

Tara Popovic

Taran Trinnaman

Tarini Mohan

Tatiana Moore

Taylor Alderson

Taylor Lewis

Taylor Stocks

Taylor VanGilder

Tefanie Wyatt

Terence Barber

Teresa Barrio Traspaderne

Teresa Salerno

Terry Altherr

Tess Sheldon

Tettra Cooper

The Cyborg Jillian Weise

The Maltese Autist

The W. Deau

Theo Braddy

Thomas bardoux

Thomas Hester

Thomas Johnson

Ti Dewar 

Tiago Dinis

Tiana Fanniel

Tiara Walker

Tigmanshu Bhatnagar

Tim Kroesbergen

Timothy Ng

Timothy Vandover

Tina M

Tina McKim

Tina Minkowitz

Tiziana Fantucchio

TJ Tupechka

Tom Shakespeare

Tom Shaw

Toran Ailisheva

Tory Cross

Tova Perlmutter

Tracey Carswell

Tree Yannetty

Tremayne Thomas-Smith Jr.

TreMil Trotter

Trixa Treat

True Hensley

Tyff Marie

Tyler Stewart

Tyra Morris

Tytus Xavier


Utku Demiryakan

Valerie Aviña

Valerie Jaharis

Vanessa Japtha

Vasco Sampaio

Vedada Wallis

Vera Kubenz

Verneau Catherine

Víctor Lizama

Dr. Victor John Cordeiro

Victor Sánchez Lozano

Victoria Baker

Victoria Ceaser

Victoria Gbenro

Victoria Hutchinson

Victoria Lee

Vienna Martin

Viola Mari Bianchinotti

Violet Baldwin

Violet Elliot

Virginia Ossana

Vyshali Manivannan

Waleed Nazzal 

Walter Rafael Villanueva

Willene Holness

Winter Hart

Wynnie Eaton

Xan Koster

Xandria McGilber

Xenith Averi

Xero Houtermans

Xochitl Rodriguez-Ariz

Yaa Sarpong

Yaamini Venkataraman

Yaakov Akiva

Dr. Yasmin Snounu

Yasmine Gray

Yewon Kim

YM Vargas

Yolanda Muñoz

Yolanda Yang

Yomna El-Serafy

Yoshiko Miwa

Yousuf Zaheer

Yuli Marubashi-Scheidt

Yusuf Yearwood

Zackery Olson

Zahra Ali

Zainab Abdul majeed

Zainabb Hull

Zakaria Schwartz

Zakee Singleton

Zakiya Poole

Zehra Haider

Zoe Baillie

Zoe Pringle

Zuleima Morgado Ramirez

Organizational signatories: 

Access Abolition South Carolina

Advance Your Leadership Power

Al-Hayat Foundation for the Rights of Deaf People

التحالف من اجل النهوض بحقوق ذوي الاعاقة المغرب - Alliance for the advancement of the rights of people with disabilities, Morocco

Andreia Filipa Fernandes de Carvalho Dickinson

 APF France handicap

Arab Foundations Forum

Arab Organisation of Persons with Disabilities (AOPWD)

Asociación de personas con discapacidad del Guayas (Ecuador)

Asociación Luchando Contra Viento y Marea

Associação Centro de Vida Independente

Associação Portuguesa Voz do Autista

Association for the rights of visually challenged

Association Tunisienne des personne handicapees

شمس احمد غني مؤسسة عطاء الامل الخيرة للصم تجمع المعوقين في العرق - Ata Al Amal Charity Foundation for the Deaf.

Atlas Alliance

Beyond the Hijab

Colectiva de Mujeres con Discapacidad Frida Kahlo – Perú

CoLiberation Lab

Collective F.R.i.D.A

COVID Safe Campus

Crips For Palestine

Critical Design Lab

Disability Collective Cymru

Disability Justice Network of Ontario

Disability Rights Agenda - Armenia

Disability Victory

Disabled in Nature

Doing Disability Differently Research and Activist Group -- OISE, University of Toronto

DPAC Cambs and Essex (Disabled People Against Cuts)

Enable the Disable Action (EDA)

End Female Genital Cutting Singapore

European Disability Forum

European Network on Independent Living - ENIL

Everybody Cool Lives Here

Feminists Against Ableism

Friends of the Disabled Association


Fundación Personas Sordas del Perú

Georgian Wheelchair Workshop

Hamanshiron Publishing

Hannah Youth organization

Health Justice Commons

HEARD - Helping Educate to Advance the Rights of the Deaf

جمعية معوقي كربلاء المقدسة - Holy Karbala Disabled Association

Institute for the Development of Human Arts (IDHA)

Instituto Mexicano de Sexualidad en la discapacidad

منظمة ادماج لحماية ذوي الاعاقة - Integration Organization for the protection of persons with disabilities

International Federation for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus

Iraqi Alliance Disability Organizations

Jordan Coalition of Persons with Disabilities

Just Reasonable


Korea Disability Forum

Manchester Disabled People Against Cuts

National Association for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Lebanon 

National Indigenous Disabled Women Association Nepal (NIDWAN)

National Platform for the Rights of the Disabled, India

Neuro Pride Ireland

New Disabled South

New Disabled South Rising

Ontario Disability Justice Network

PAIS Agency

Palestinian Union For Deaf‎

Project LETS

Rebirth Garments

Red Orgullo Loco México

Resource of Poverty, Women, Children and Disability in Japan

Resting Up Collective

Revival Disability India

Senior and Disability Action

Sky Witness Healing Arts, LLC

Sick Stories

Sins Invalid

SMILE Canada

Taiwan Mad Alliance

Tangled Art + Disability

The Arab Organisation of PWD

The Refuge Psystem

The Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies

The Paul K. Longmore Institute on Disability

Trans Community Access Network

Udruga za autizam ASK Croatia

Voices of VV

We Who Witness (Singapore)

Wheelchair Sports Camp


Workers World Party Disability Justice and Rights Caucus

Wounded Security Forces/ Association of the Disabled in Iraq (IADO)

About us

We are a collective of human rights activists. We are part of the disability rights community. We are united by how we feel about the unspeakable atrocities Israel is committing against Palestinians in Gaza. As members of the disability rights community, we are deeply worried about the dire situation of Palestinians with disabilities, whose lives depend on an immediate ceasefire, and urgent action to dismantle the blockade imposed by Israel on all access points to Gaza. And we believe that our global disability community is not doing enough. If you feel the same way, join us.